Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Updated Photos To Some Of Our Custom Guitar Straps

Rusty Knuckles Dark Sienna Brown Custom Guitar Strap

Hobbies are a great pastime, so we turned ours into a full time career path. If it has something to do with Motors & Music, we are all ears. Over the years after creating one item after another, we knew that developing a signature line of goods was our game plan. Currently we are working on a slew of artist endorsement deals and bringing quite a few new acts to the table who will rep our goods. Care to get involved? ralph.knuckles at gmail dot com, lets chat.

Rory Kelly And JB Beverley Are Not Missing A Single Show On This Tour

Rory Kelly and Zeke from Hellbound Glory are down for the cause

Cancel the gig, hells no. Rory Kelly, Zeke from Hellbound Glory and JB Beverley are doing the road side fixes and gonna keep on truckin'. This is how its done! Keep up to date with them on our Tour Dates page for hitting a city near you.

Say Hello To Sancho, Our Brand New Embroidered Guitar Strap

The Sancho embroidered guitar strap by Rusty Knuckles

Brand new guitar strap landing in our store on Etsy and then heading over the main site. Say hello to the "Sancho" embroidered strap. Each one of these straps is an an easy adjust to fit and slides from around 40" to 62" in adjustment, uses 6 oz leather ends and sells for $39.99.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic Must Truly Enjoy Southern Culture On The Skids

Southern Culture On The Skids being parodied by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al's videos and songs are always fun and light hearted. Now I can definitely say that he must enjoy some of the great livations from the state of North Carolina with Southern Culture On The Skids. The resemblance is quite uncanny...

Want To Get More Out Of Your Sound?

Multi channel sound boards record all the great sound and tones, then compression erases the depth for mass consumerism
How deep do you listen to the music that you enjoy? Are you enjoying your vinyl records with the deep tone and resonance that those sound grooves allow? Explore more into the world of compression and how we are being sold the flatness of a true emotional depth all for the sake of mass amounts of music available to download. Call me jaded or or just plain old, but buying music by the album in a packaged format is the only way to go. We here at Rusty Knuckles believe in the intrinsic value of the arts and music is truly the gateway to the soul.

Ffith On The Floor Likes To Drink Whiskey, Don't You?

Fifth On The Floor - Whiskey - Video

Do yourself a favor and get some more of Fifth On The Floor in your life. 

Fifth on the Floor's video for "Whiskey", from their 2013 Entertainment One release "Ashes & Angels." Shot in Lexington, Kentucky at the Keghunters Clubhouse. Special thanks to Brandon Bowlds, Don Rogers, and Fred Sexton. Featuring the Keghunters and Brandon Hamilton.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

World Premiere Video - The Go Devils - Rise Up

Brophy of the Go Devils on the set of the new video - Rise Up
World Premiere Video - The Go Devils - Rise Up

Filmed by Boneyard Originals in Asheville, NC

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Rory Kelly Live Video From Germany

Rory Kelly live from Germany
Rory Kelly - vocals, guitar
Mike Kelly - drums
Billy Miller - bass


Norderstedt, Music Star 15-6-2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Peewee Moore, Featured In The LA Weekly For Real Country Music

Peewee Moore featured in the LA Weekly
"Not only does Pee Wee Moore make some seriously traditional honky tonk reminiscent of Ernest Tubb, he also just so happens to tour the country on a motorcycle. That’s how the modern day cowboy does it." 

Truth is in the stories you actually live out. Peewee Moore is touring the country now on a motorcycle and proving why he is an artist to be on the lookout for. His grit and integrity are equally matched by his chops on the six string. Ride safe hombre!

Huge thanks to the LA Weekly for the feature on him along with Lindi Ortega, The Boomswagglers, Jamey Johnson, Dallas Moore, Joseph Huber and a few more.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The LiveWire From Harley Is As Beautiful As It Is Technologically Proficient

The LiveWire from Harley is as beautiful as it is technologically proficient

Change is coming and battle lines will be drawn over whether or not an electric motorcycle is righteous enough. And to be honest, we couldn't walk further away from such a conversation. Getting greasy on the shop floor is a right of passage, but this two wheeled piece of technology is just begging for a back country road from us...